Boswell 4.0 Documentation

If you don't know anything about Boswell or if you want to see how we have changed things in the 4.0 version, check out our First Look document which tries to explain all that in about a dozen screen shots.

If you are interested in why Boswell is the way it is, we have written a Thinking Behind Boswell document. This is an essay with just a few screen shots. If you have looked at the other documents and still feel you do not quite "get it" -- or if you are the sort of person who actually reads the documentation -- then this one is for you.

Boswell comes with our In Depth document that covers the details of how Boswell works. Again, this is mostly screen shots, but there are many, many more of them. We also include a starter library that contains practical information about using Boswell so you will always have it at hand: a FAQ, tips and usage scenarios. Both of these are included with the demo version too.