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Boswell 4.0.1 is NOT Lion compatible.
We Are Proud to Announce the Release of
Boswell® 4.0.1
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What Does Boswell Do?

Ever wish you had an assistant who would keep track of all your research, writings, notes, appointments, contacts, instant messages, and e-mail so you wouldn't have to?

That is what Boswell does -- organize, archive, categorize, automatically cross reference, manipulate, and retrieve all your text. You will never again lose it, overwrite it, accidentally destroy it, or mislay it.

Boswell will not only organize your text for you but will do so automatically. That means you will not have to spend lots of time "filing things away." And then Boswell can easily retrieve any text you gave it any time you want it in ways you could never do before.

For example, Boswell can find all the e-mails you exchanged last April with Fred, but not Joe, about the Harris project that contains the word "deadline" and show you the results sorted by time.

Once your text is "Boswellized" you will never have to worry about it again. It is safe and available, and it will stay that way.

What Can Boswell Do For You?

Keep you organized, improve your writing, make people think you have a fabulous memory, and give you a big, big edge over your competition. You will never again forget a bright idea, be unable to find an old e-mail, lose a phone number, or wonder how you ever going to pull all your notes together to get that big paper written.

How Does Boswell Do All That Stuff?

If don't know anything about Boswell or if you want to see how we have changed things in the 4.0 version, check out our First Look document which explains all that in about a dozen screen shots. If you want to go deeper, we have a demo version of Boswell available for download so you can take it for a spin and see how it handles your own data. The demo version (3.0 MB ) comes with documentation and a small library to get you started.

Buy Boswell 4.0.1 now for only $99.95.

Boswell 4.0.1 is NOT Lion compatible.

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