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Boswell is not like  anything else--not like an email program, not like a database, not like a personal organizer. .... It is an entirely new class of program.

Boswell is designed to archive text -- massive amounts of text -- a lifetime of text -- securely and without fuss.

Boswell is a personal Google of sorts for the Mac.

Boswell was designed both as a long term archive of everything text-based, and as a current work organizer. It does a nice job at both. At first glance, it appears to be a database, but it's not. It's a flat archive with really good search and organizing tools.

Boswell is different from any other PIM or database. One way to describe it is "Google for your desktop."

Boswell is an amazingly powerful information managing program.

Boswell is an application for storing any and all text you would like to keep. Sort of "Sticky Notes" on steroids.

A writer's tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and other components that go to make a document.

One of the essential tools that a writer needs is a system for organizing information. Boswell for Mac may be just the thing. Think of it as PostIt Notes on steroids.

A tool for powerful classification.

Looked at carefully, Boswell resembles, in its structure, the World Wide Web.

Boswell is a breakthrough product.

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Boswell is pure bliss....anything I put in it I can find later without remembering exactly where I put it....the full text search mechanism will let me pull it out later.  Putting that item in one notebook is a worry-free activity, because I can always add it to another, or a third, later, and still be able to find it in any of the three notebooks or the master archive.

Boswell is the closest thing to creative freedom I personally have ever seen in software. It does not constrain you to the straightjacket of strict rules that other packages necessarily must.

Boswell's brilliant achievement is the ability to create notebooks with the same item in more than one notebook, without duplicating the item.

Intriguing. Boswell is a (Mac only) application to store and retrieve text. Each piece of text (like an email, an article, or a phone number) is an entry; entries are collected into notebooks; each entry can be in one or more notebooks. Brilliantly, notebooks are not hierarchic, so no outliners here.

The really special feature of Boswell is the ability to have an archived item in more than one notebook at a time -- without duplicating the item. This makes Boswell different from virtually every other information manager and DB on the market.

One of the things Boswell does nicely is import mailboxes -- giving you Boswell's great search tools across your entire mail archive.

Are you the type of person that has "Sticky Notes", text clippings, notes all over the place? Want to keep all sorts of info just in case? Then Boswell might be just what you want.

Boswell is a software program that strives to organize your thoughts on a project by making it reasonably convenient to store and keep track of the bits and pieces that go into the making of a finished document, as well as to help pull them together later. It also does a good job of archiving things in various ways.

Boswell is the kind of program that you just leave running all of the time, and hide when not in use. ... Have it available when that brilliant idea pops into your head for a fleeting, precious moment.

For anyone who has used a database such as Oracle or MySQL™, Boswell will seem somewhat disconnected at first. This is intentional. Boswell is designed to handle thoughts, notes, articles, chapters, recipes, for that matter. Life is like that. Life isn't neatly compartmentalized, much as some would try to make it so. Boswell works with that. Later on, you actually have a chance of finding that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Boswell is the kind of program that you need at your fingertips.

If you are an organized person who takes pleasure in elegantly arranged information, you'll love Boswell.

Boswell isn't for everyone. But if you do any amount of serious writing or planning, then it may well be your ticket.

Whether you are a writer, writer, researcher, student or manager, Boswell adapts to your needs, and becomes the ideal "three-ring binder".

Boswell has all the potential to become a super assistant ready to gather and classify the information you will "feed it".

Very slick. Finding my articles became soooo much simpler.

I like the approach you have developed. It seems to fit very nicely into keeping track of lots of diverse text information, much better than a normal journal or notebook.

It's a great place to put all the little bits of information that you often end up trying to manage in files or sticky notes.

Boswell has wonderful search capabilities that rival the options found on major search engines.

After about a month of using this program, it seems that data entered into it doesn't seem to get lost like the many files on my hard drive.

The key to Boswell is realizing the power of multiple notebooks and the ability to have things in more than one notebook.  Notebooks can be created quickly, on the fly, for special projects and searches, and can be disposed of just as quickly when done with them.

My biggest problem is remembering where I put things....with Boswell, everything is one place, and can be found and retrieved using a powerful and consistent search mechanism.

Every once in awhile, a product comes along that strikes our fancy because it's new and different. Boswell ... takes an old concept, databases, and improves upon them, allowing the user to put random text entries in, instead of forcing people to stick with one form.

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I love it.

I've been using Boswell for more than two years, and it is extraordinarily robust and well-designed. It NEVER crashes or generates errors.

Boswell is a fine tool that is well-written and brilliantly conceived.

Awesome. I love it. It helps me keep track of my business e-mails and of other important text documents. I can find what I need in my library when I need to find it in a flash. I give it a TEN.

Works well. Simple to use, once properly set up.

Boswell is perfect for people who have a lot of data to manage and keep.

Quite easy once you know the process.

The included documentation is quite good.

Very slick.

Integrated seamlessly.

The able assistant it was designed to be.

Excellent product!!!

Useful and helpful ... I do enjoy the program. I've found it to be easy to install, use, and understand.

Boswell makes me very happy. ... Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.

I believe that you have a very innovative and flexible product that defies conventional categorization and characterization. You should be applauded for your efforts.

The more I play around with Boswell the better it gets. ... Time is needed to reshape our old ways of thinking, breaking the old paradigms - indeed, getting *back* to the ways our minds were built to process and store data. Furthermore, the program is downright zippy, even under Classic.

Boswell ... makes me a happy camper.

It may fill a need you didn't know you had.

I'm just a very satisfied user.

Having all the stuff you need at your fingertips is a big plus, believe me.

Boswell has made me breathe a bit easier. Why? I don't have to go scavenging for my info anymore.

You have an important, useful product and I hope that it gets the recognition that it deserves.

I've been in the business for 30 years and can tell you guys have put a lot of effort into this product.

I'm very happy with it....and very impressed with the quality....it's the fastest loading program I've ever had on my Mac, and so far, it's never crashed testament to your efforts.

Boswell is excellent.

Boswell is a wonderful tool -- well-designed, fast, reliable, and a pleasure to use.

I highly recommend this product.

It's a wonderful and unique product.

If you need to store lots of random text items, this program is worth every penny.

The program will reward you handsomely in the years to come.

I'm still loving Boswell.

Boswell really gets it right.

Boswell was Henry Norr's "Tip of the Month" in the San Francisco Chronicle. "...if your life revolves around e-mail, Web clippings and other bits of electronic text, and you're not satisfied... Boswell could be the tool you need."

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